Difference between Web Design and Web Development

Today, in the world of E-commerce, it is very important for your small and medium scale business to have an exceedingly well website. It is through a website that a potential client turns into a long-term customer; since they are often the first mode of communication between the two parties. Websites, thus, play a key role in enhancing not just your revenues but also your goodwill.

To enhance and modify a website for a developing business Web Design and Web Development play a crucial role. However, people often mistake them to be synonymous. They are not! They have major differences. Let us evaluate the two together and understand what each entails.

A web design tends to focus on the aesthetics aspects of a website, or even an application for that matter, rather than focussing on the intricacies and technicalities that make up a great website. A web design tends to focus on colors, layouts, graphics, and the appearance of the website/application, as well as the information flow. The user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) play  a key role here. The following are the tools through which enable a great web design-

  • Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop (Adobe Creative Studio)
  • Logo Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Formatting and Layouts
  • Call to action buttons
  • Branding
  • Storyboards and wireframes
  • Color palettes
  • Typography

On the other hand, web development focuses on the codes that make the website workable and functioning. It makes a website live. Coding forms an essential part of web development. This is not just restricted to a website, but also an application. Web Development, unlike web design is not limited to the appearance of a website. Thus, the only agenda in a web development process is to make sure the website is functional.

There are two aspects in a web development process- Front-end and back-end. While the front-end web development deals with determination of code essential for a website to be presented in terms of designs and layouts which are developed by a web designer. The back-end developer deals with the management of database, through programming language tools to enhance the functioning of a website.

Both Web development and web design require a certain understanding of the mechanics of programming. However, the web development process relies on programming more than anyone else. The designers are free in this aspect as they are not required to build codes. However, both tend to focus on the feasibility and satisfaction of the end-user.


How is Artificial Intelligence going to impact your business?

Technological advancements are at an all-time high. The pace at which technological advancements are happening, who knows what is to come next! Let’s have a look at how Artificial Intelligence is going to impact your small and medium scale business in the coming future.

However, let us first understand that Artificial Intelligence is a broad term encompassing three types.

The technology of our very common email accounts, especially Gmail is an example of the first kind. It sorts our mail into three categories, without us having to face the onus of the same.

  • The second kind we come across every day is related to your Amazon or even Netflix accounts. Remember how Netflix always is able to “recommend” you new shows based on your previous choices? Yep, that is another level AI working behind your screens.
  • Thirdly, an autonomous form of AI wherein language translations and self-driving cars can be cited as examples.

Let’s revert to the discussion on how Artificial intelligence is capable of impacting your business today.

To say that Artificial Intelligence will completely revamp the structure of your enterprise is true. However, it is true only to an extent. AI can only change the structures of your business if you allow it to.

Yes, Artificial Intelligence can be incorporated into your business to make the business functions smoother and more efficient. But, only to an extent. Human touch is very important in most fields, if not all and will continue to be. No matter how advanced your business plans, technology, and the related structural changes are, personalized touch is always going to pay you in the end!

Infrastructural changes (IT services) in a business would be vital to take leverage of AI to enhance your business in the future. Artificial Intelligence can give you and your business a competitive edge. It is believed that in the next 5-10 years, most businesses are going to take advantage of AI to have a leverage over their competitors. New business avenues and ventures are likely to crop-up, owing to their dependence on the fact that AI is capable of reducing costs.


Future of Data Analysis for your business

Businesses today have become fast-paced, like our world. They are driven by technology. For such innovations, Data Analysis is important. It plays an essential role in the modern-day business.

Data Analysis is an integral part of a modern enterprise. It helps in a smooth functioning of operational activities of a business. However, data analysis is not just a mere presentation of figures, values and a bunch of numbers projecting something. It is more than that! It is an in-depth representation of what the numbers actually denote. The key here is to record, analyzed dissect the figures in order to generate new strategies for your business growth.

Data analysis accompanies the most important part of a business management, i.e. decision making. The key areas where these aspects work are –

  • Predicting the trends and behavior of customers
  • Analysing and interpreting the data to reach meaningful conclusions.
  • Increasing the productivity of a business thereof.

Data analysis has driven multiple business to a level where they no longer have to look back. So, how is data analysis going to help your business in this ever-driven fast paced world in the coming future?

To start with, as the world is approaching towards artificial intelligence, more and more workload is being dropped on robots and AI. However, it is believed that the task of computing and analysing data will still fall into the laps of biological humans. Who knows if there is to be a future job wave in the area?

Apart from this, data analysis is going to help organisations not just harness and interpret data, it will also help them tap new opportunities and avenues of growth. This is going to give them a leverage. Efficiency in working is going to generate not just a big customer base, but also doubled revenues. Data analysis is going to be worthwhile for business in terms of values in three ways-

  • Reducing their costs- The enterprises would not have to rely on the means of a hit and trial method to meet new levels of growth. They can interpret the same, thus saving costs!
  • Faster rate of decision making, saving not just cost, but also time.
  • Generating new ways to lure more customers. Satisfying the needs of the modern consumer by generating new practices, products and services.

Why are IT services important for your business?

Today, in the 21st century, the importance of IT is more prevalent than it ever was in the past. IT services form the backbone of most corporates around the globe. Infusion of the same in the realms of small and medium scale businesses is proving to be worthwhile.

The blood that flows in the veins of a business today is mostly comprised of IT services. It relies on computers and networking. Therefore, IT services are important! With the help of IT services prevention, compliance, communication, revenue generation, and everything else can be doubled. Your business/enterprise will see a flourishing growth with the help of IT services.

Here are a few reasons why are IT services important for your business –

  • IT services tend to provide protection against cyber-crime and malware attacks. Today, if your sensitive data and other information related to your business is not protected, you could face severe losses. These losses are not just monetary, sometimes they can also cause you to lose your goodwill. A strong IT services support makes sure you do not have to suffer from such losses.
  • With the help of IT services support, you can easily focus on strategizing your business growth while leaving other problems on your team of IT experts. IT problems are an inseparable part of a modern enterprise, however, IT services can make sure you are sailing through this storm with ease. Remedies can be provided by a professional IT services team to make sure you do not suffer from failures in daily decision making.
  • WIth IT services you would not have to worry about managing your data, as well as storing it. You would not have to worry about the multiple storage devices and places where a particular data file would be stored. You can leave it to the efficiency of IT services support team. You can peacefully focus on growing your business instead of focussing on managing your data storage issues.
  • IT services tend to make sure you are not just efficient with your daily business proceedings, but also responsive. This responsiveness and efficiency is going to lead you to satisfactory results.

How has Cloud and Cloud Security Changed IT?

IT and Computing go hand in hand. They are changing and developing all the time, simultaneously. The capacities are enhancing and expanding making sure optimum levels of success are reached quickly.

The transformations that are of an intrinsic value to the field of IT today are Cloud and Cloud security. Cloud computing has revolutionized the way modern business operations. They have led to the enhancement of agility of the modern business sphere making it viable and efficient every day. It is not only leading to efficiency in terms of business operations but also making sure resource mobilization is effective, so is the cost-effectiveness.

Cloud and cloud security tend to leverage business operations and technology to feasibly meet the demands of the heavy-duty arena of IT services. It is through IT that the operational costs have come down while accelerating the growth of businesses. Cloud and cloud security thus help businesses reach their full potential. Let us look at more ways it has led to changes in the realms of IT-

  • Through cloud and cloud security the large-scale software upgradation can be done in a hassle-free manner. It used to be a tedious task before, but not anymore. This leads to you focussing on just your business operations, leaving these tedious jobs to Cloud!
  • When it comes to large-scale business operations and even the small and medium scale businesses, the amount of data can lead to a mess and cause hindrance to effective operations. The presence of Cloud here makes sure the fluctuations in data generation and the struggles that come along for a business owner are not going to hinder their efficiency. The scalability of data thus can be controlled through CLoud.
  • The operational costs for your business can dramatically come down with the help of cloud and cloud security. These costs can further enhance resource efficiency of your business and help all the major and minor functionalities in a better manner.
  • Cloud and cloud security provide you with the flexibility of handling market and business operations with ease and poise. You can share data, files, and other important aspects from any location, without having to stop! This flexibility definitely enhances your business productivity and efficiency.
  • Now, coming to the most important aspect- Security! Cloud is known to safeguard your sensitive data and information from threats in the realm of technology today. The Cloud storage and security solutions are reliable and secure. This also reduces the complexities you have to face to secure your data. The key here is encryption!

How Can IT Services Management Help You?

ITSM also called IT Service Management are policies and framework that helps in the management and implementation of the procedures undertaken in the field of IT. The focus of ITSM is on premium customer satisfaction. In comparison to other management practices, ITSM tends to focus on technological management to serve the customers. This way, the business goals are met in a better fashion.

Multiple IT frameworks and policies together help in the field to address the industry norms. These norms and framework together can deliver values to customers in terms of services to manage technology and customer satisfaction, together. ITSM pertains to the deployment of these frameworks and policies to enhance business operations for good.

ITSM involves various tools and software order to support the clients and their business functioning to support and manage workflow better. These tools and softwares can help sustain the functionality and productivity of a business.

Let’s shed some light on the importance of ITSM for you!

No matter what is the size of your business, be it a small scale, medium scale or a large enterprise, ITSM plays a crucial role. It is more important in your business today, than ever before! The main reasons why it is so essential is because it is going to help integrate your business processes in a better manner. The better integration of business skills and operations would also give rise to an enhanced productivity and efficiency. This enhances productivity is also going to lead to an increase in your responsiveness.  

The connection therefore, between IT Service Management and your business efficiency and productivity is imperative.


Latest Challenges In the IT Industry That You Need To Overcome Today!

One of the most prominent industries in the world, IT is always surrounded and surmounted with challenging obstacles, almost all the time. Retention of talent, positive image building, resource generation, budget constraints are just a few.

Though most of these challenges have been overcome over a period of time, some are yet to be mastered, the ones that are perennial to the field. Let’s have a look at some of the latest challenges in the IT industry.

  • Customer servicing is the greatest challenge in the field. Most customers you deal with might be ignorant about the field and the intricacies involved. However, they are not stupid. People love if you treat them nicely! Which leaves us with the first recommendation to treat your customers above you in order to tackle the most challenging aspect of the field. This way, you are also going to build long-term relationships.
  • There are many customers who have no idea about the latest advances in the field. However, being in the field as a professional, you definitely do! Try and incorporate as much innovation and newness to your work to satisfy your clients and overcoming the hindrance of blocked finances. Obsolete technology does no good.
  • Data analytics is an indispensable part of the field. Traditional solutions call for data analytics in order to generate advances in the field. Traditionality can fall short in IT services over a period of time and therefore, real-time data analytics is important. SSD, 100 GB Ethernet a, d even parallel-processing are great solutions.
  • The Users as well as the customers are always on the hunt for interoperability. Demands in the industry point to better means of communication with each other. Through better modes of communication, sharing of data and other information is eased out, no matter what the platform! This is another big challenge in the IT services field. Thus, it is vital to the field that standardization of platforms take place. Open architecture and framework policies must work in order to make sure communication is not hindering growth in the field.

The significance of IT Infrastructure for Your Business!

IT Infrastructure is nothing but a term which relates to the collection of all kinds of hardware, software, network devices, all kinds of data centers and other related types of equipment and facilities which enhance the productivity of your business. Together, the Infrastructure can help in the process of development, testing, operation, monitoring and supervising, managing and supporting the various IT Services.

IT Infrastructure is an important part of all kinds of business today in this digital era. With practical innovations in IT Infrastructure services, you can enhance the productivity of your business and transform the face of it completely. IT Infrastructure can provide you a seamless solution to your business. The services deployed through means of IT Infrastructure help in cases of internal business operations as well the clients outside. Thus, IT Infrastructure helps the businesses in delivering convenient IT solutions to all the employees, customers, and clients, as well as partners. internal business operations or developing customer IT or business solutions.

The key components of IT Infrastructure are-

  • Hardware- which includes computing machinery as well as server machinery.
  • Operating systems- Which includes platforms for client computing. The component mainly consists of the Windows operating system. However, UNIX and Linux are also a common part.
  • Softwares – including SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, etc.
  • Management and storage solutions.
  • Networking platforms
  • Telecommunication platforms
  • Consultancy and integration services.

Securing your business against Malware and Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware, the malware that can sabotage the data pertaining a crucial role to your small and medium scale business rendering it unusable. Today, it is very important to ensure that you and your business are not going to be in such a vulnerable situation where your growth, your hard work, and your documentation is stolen from your access. You could take help of all kinds of tools to remove such mala fide malware, however, all your efforts are going to go in vain!

What should you do in such cases?

Well, you should, first of all, know that all types of ransomware threats need an epicenter to being with. Only then can they harm you and your data. What are the most common sources you ask? Emails, OS, Back Websites, USBs, and CDs, other network drives. Majority ransomware attacks take place via Emails. Tread very carefully with them! Moreover, never, NEVER open email attachments from someone you do not know!

Data encryption is significant here. The data might get stolen and hacked, however, it would pose a major deterrent in the hacking process for the “attackers”. Keeping your data encrypted is therefore good for your developing business!

Making sure that you keep all your .png, .txt, .doc, .pdf, .mp4, files in the realms of safety would be a great news for the protection of your business. Since these are the most common files which tend to hold the data precious to you and to your business.

In order to safeguard your business and your sensitive data from all kinds of malware and ransomware attacks, you should also ensure you are backing up your data at regular intervals. Backing up data leads to a security as far as sensitive information is concerned. Moreover, you should also update your system at regular intervals too. This way you can keep up with the software patches regularly.